Us Funny Poor People

5 thoughts on “Us Funny Poor People”

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    I am sharing this post, because I like his perspective. Parts of it I have observed, such as the mopeyness in the people who you would think would be happy about seeing so much food and, on top of that, food coming from other parts of the world. We are so lucky to have that abundance. The other part he wrote about – the rich people versus the poor people grocery shopping – I hadn’t thought of before; it’s always fun to stretch the mind in new ways.

  2. I can relate to this. I have laughed too; not because I am rich, but because I come from a Country where for a long time, we never had the luxury of choice in grocery stores. They had one type of everything…’take it or make do without’ type of living.

    Then I moved to this Country where you can pick and choose to your heart’s content, and while I beamed like a child in a candy shop, most of the other grocery shoppers, looked like they had better things to do with their time…anything but sift through all the bloody choice they had.

    Now, I laugh again when I think that I much prefer the ‘take it or make do without’ because then, everyone was content. They all had a genuine smile on.

    1. It seems lack of choice isn’t always a bad thing :). I wonder if looking sad with groceries is a relatively new thing, or has been with markets through the ages, like a grumpy who’s who of world history. Hard to say. But I like the sounds of your home country’s market more, I feel that’s how it should be. Thanks for your perspective on that.

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